Monday, November 06, 2006

La Petite Zine Issue #19

Vagabonds and Homebodies,

Greetings from down under--in Danielle's case, Chile; in Jeff's, the human construction site. Despite the excitement, we find time to think of you daily, and wish you were here on the sandy beaches of/in the historic city of/on the peak of Mount:

Anne Boyer, Brent Armendinger, Clayton A. Couch, Craig Morgan Teicher, Cynie Cory, Elizabeth Treadwell, Erin Martin, Estelle Boelsma, Hugh Steinberg, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Jasper Bernes, Jessica Dessner, Jonah Winter, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Julie Doxsee, Karyna McGlynn, Peter Davis, Sarah Goldstein, Sarah Mangold, Stefania Heim, Thomas Hummel, and Tony Trigilio.

(Estelle Boelsma)

La Petite Zine Issue #19

kisses and misses,
Jeff and Danielle