Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New at Delirious Hem: Gurlesque Part 2 of 3

The second part of my conversation with Arielle Greenberg on the Gurlesque! Here if you've already read the first installment.

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Kind Words Abound Zorba

From the Bloof Books newsies:

A perceptive review of Danielle Pafunda's My Zorba by Caroline Depalma may be found in Coldfront:

Pafunda addresses you indirectly; she relies on shocked fragments, on jagged rhythms and imagery [...] on your ability to intuit a whole, not your ability to apportion its parts. There are times when you won’t know what the speaker is getting at just yet. Mirrors reflect the most insignificant details right beside the ostensibly significant. Does this require too much imagining on our part? Is it worth the leap? Lay your cash on the table beside her hairbrush and hatchet; this isn’t a disappointing gamble.

Another astute, yet different, take on My Zorba appears in Tarpaulin Sky by John Findura:

The book vacillates between the drawbridge and the gangplank, just as Zorba morphs between a “he” and a “she.” As each poem unfolds, there is a sign of welcome, but as quickly as it is noticed, next to it is the gangplank leading us off into the murky depths. It is an apt metaphor for reading this book as each turn of the page sucks us in deeper.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Denver House Party Reading!

Noah Eli Gordon & partner Sarah are hosting a house party reading salon type deal on Saturday June 14th. If you'd like the address, drop me a line, or get in touch with Noah!

Things will begin at 7pm.

Feel free to bring snacks, beverages, and friends.

Readings by Barbara Barg, Bhanu Kapil, Bin Ramke, Danielle Pafunda, and Trevor Calvert.

Bhanu Kapil is a French cat, on the verge of becoming a real dog. A new U.S. citizen, she is looking forward to writing an American book, an American poem. It's as if all the writing before this doesn't count. And, it doesn't. Written in passage, or years after arrival, it doesn't matter unless you stay. A literature of stay. She is the author of The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers (Kelsey Street Press, 2001), Incubation: a space for monsters (Leon Works, 2006), and Humanimal, a project for future children (forthcoming from Kelsey Street Press).

Bin Ramke’s ninth book Tendril was recently published by Omnidawn. Some the origami swans he’d made at our pervious house readings can be found on a ledge in our kitchen.

Danielle Pafunda is the author of My Zorba (Bloof), Pretty Young Thing (Soft Skull), and the forthcoming Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies (Noemi). She’s recently moved to Wyoming . Her poems have been chosen three times for Best American Poetry (2004, 2006, and 2007). She is coeditor of the online journal La Petite Zine.

Trevor Calvert is a poet living in Oakland, California where he is finishing his Masters of Library and Information Science. His first book, Rarer and More Wonderful (Scrambler Books, 2008) was published in May. His poems have appeared in in*tense, syllogism, 580 Split, BlazeVox, and the anthologies Involuntary Vision and Bay Poetics. This is his first time visiting Colorado. We have it from a reliable source that he is some kind of ninja, but uses his skills only for good.

Barbara Barg, grew up in a small town in Eastern Arkansas and moved to New York City after college where she became a several-times-recognized-in-a-coffee-shop poet/musician on the downtown poetry/music scene. Currently, she's a singer/songwriter/drummer with the Denver band Coyote Poets of the Universe. She also conducts a sensory/creativity/focus/energy/joy enhancing workshop: Voluntary Evolution ( She is the author of The Origin of The Species from Semiotext(e).