Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Things

1. Apostrophe Cast! "Welcome to Apostrophe Cast, and this episode, to the exquisite hideousness of Alissa Nutting. Nutting's suburban feminist gothic prances over manicured lawns through palaces of neglect and dementia in which tracheotomies, self-produced teen porn and routine abortions are rites of passage from a childhood without innocence to an adulthood without maturity. Ms. Nutting's story, "I Feel Nothing 4U," is witty, charming and incredibly disturbing." Interview between Alissa & me? Here.

2. Johannes Goransson's Dear Ra is here. It hits the grotesque, sublime, uncanny, and awkward in equal fevered measure. If you live at high altitudes, do watch out for the breathless.

3. Ariana Reines Coeur de Lion is a love poem. Love = exquisite gruesome fistchest , poem = post-paroxysm field. See newer poems from same human at Bruce Covey's new Coconut.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now at Delirious Hem, Gurlesque! Part 3 of 3

Head to Delirious Hem, and you will find the rest of my conversation on the Gurlesque with Arielle Greenberg, and links a'plenty guiding you to the blogosphere action.

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My Psychedelic Sermon

Now, at Apostrophe Cast:

We are proud to present Danielle Pafunda reading a creative lecture. With dizzying erudition, she delights us at the intersection of poetry and scholarship, biology and criticism. The effect is something like a psychedelic sermon. Please enjoy Danielle Pafunda.

Click here for an interview with Danielle Pafunda and Alissa Nutting.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Good Things

1. Starting in August, I've the honor of being Visiting Assistant Professor of English, creative writing, and women's studies at University of Wyoming. Hats a'plenty, and I'm already driving friends and fam nuts with my mid-conversation syllabus epiphanies. Do not call me, unless you want to hear me say, "yes, the weather is very--Judith Halberstam! That's it!" If you don't know much about UWyo's MFA program, check it out! The faculty, huzzah! And guess who will be among this year's visitors. Salman Rushdie will be here in September, and Joy Williams will be here all year long as Eminent Writer in Residence. Swoon worthy.

2. A juicy parley on the Gurlesque over at Johannes's blog. I'm holding my tongue a bit, waiting for the thrillsville anthology that Arielle Greenberg & Lara Glenum are editing (Saturnalia 2009), and since the third segment of my conversation with Arielle will be out in another week or so. Suffice to say, while I'm not in agreement with all parties (and quite befuddled by some of the comments), I'm enjoying the lively investigation. The ever-smarty K. Lorraine Graham is thinking on it, too, and Jilly Dybka talks about what her work has going on that's most Mars.

3. Hair hats, as the above. Alissa sent me this.