Monday, September 13, 2010

The Nepotist Likes Me!

Who is The Nepotist? I'm not entirely sure, but ze likes me, and I like hir!

Four poems, and a lovely introduction *blush* here at The Nepotist:

Danielle Pafunda is made of awesome. So classy and lovely is she that The Nepotist adjusts his habit of publishing up to three poems per poet just for her. These poems-- all four of them-- are each titled "The Dead Girls Speak in Unison." It's easy to think of them as a series, though I'd discourage that. Instead try this: think of each poem as the same poem, only written with different words. It's not so strange, is it? I'm convinced that I've been writing the same poem for years. We all do. It's whatever hectors and nags us. What we can't let go of or what won't let go of us. The germ of an idea, the impetus of an image, that squinting twinge of truth in a stereogram's squiggles. Yes, that's what these poems are like, those Magic Eye pictures. Only through a choreography of alternating focus and dilation can they be truly seen. I won't quote from the poems here as I usually do. Just read them. These dead girls will haunt you. As they haunt me.



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