Monday, August 08, 2011

Tarpaulin Sky

And some Dead Girls in the ever delicious Tarpaulin Sky!

I've been so busy elsewhere on the interwebs, I've been neglecting my poor Iron Caisson. More updates to come, eventually. Meanwhile, check out what's been happening at Montevidayo, and you're likely to find me yakking.


New Delta Review

Louisiana State University's gorgeous New Delta Review features some of my "The Dead Girls Speak in Unison" poems.

WINTER 2010-11

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Spoon River Poetry Review

I'm flattered to be in the current issue of Spoon River Poetry Review, edited and revamped by the excellent Kirstin Hotelling Zona who also has what looks to be a lovely new book Drift coming out from Finishing Line Press.

Winter/Spring 2011
Volume 36, Number 1
Featuring SRPR's Illinois Poet, Austin Smith, including poetry and an interview; new work by Danielle Pafunda, Kristin Prevallet, Edward Hirsch, Spring Ulmer, Joseph Dorazio and many others; and Judith Harris' review of new books by Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Duriel Harris.